Kettlebell Burn Extreme, 2 Weeks Down 2 To Go + My Man Rules

Two weeks into this program.  It works, period.  I’m down 9 lbs.  186.8 as of this morning, although I did go a little off the reservation in regard to the diet, Friday and Saturday.  I had a good eating day on Thursday, no/limited carbohydrates and turkey meatloaf for dinner.  Scale had gone up to 188.8.  However, when I got to work, I kept making a B-line to the men’s room.  I couldn’t believe how much water I was holding.  Anyway, Friday night, I had some drinks and a whole Porterhouse Steak.  About twice the size of the portion I should have had.  I also tried cooking it in a cast iron pan.  John Romaniello had an article on his website about the best goddamn steak you could ever cook.  So I tried it.  Came out perfect.  Friday’s workout which, I had no interest in doing, was  an easy day of presses and squats.  Once I got downstairs, the fatigue went away and I did 18 sets of 2 in 25 minutes.  Sets of 2 are perfect for me.  I can be explosive and use perfect form.  That’s two more sets than last Friday.

On Saturday, I did double swings and double cleans.  Heavy day.  Did 10 sets of 8 each in 20 minutes.  I gloved it.  I still loathe double cleans as has been previously mentioned before.  Got through it.  Later I went to my buddy Tommy’s house.  I hadn’t spoken to my buddy in awhile.  I saw him on a car dealership ad a couple months back and rang him up out of the blue.  Lo and behold he starts telling me about this fitness tool he uses called kettlebells.  Well, we have to workout together, so I went there.  He has Rogue kettlebells and they are awesome.  I told my wife there is no way his form can be any good because everyone’s form is awful when you start.  Being the athlete he is, I shouldn’t have doubted him.  His two hand swing form was excellent.  I taught him the one hand swing, the clean, snatch, Turkish getup and adjusted his press a little bit.  He had the goblet squat down.  I wanted to try my one hand switch snatch test with a bell with grit, and at 24 kg vs. the 25 kg I have.  I did 30 on each side with one hand switch.  I thought the bell 2.2 lbs would make a difference, it still felt the same.  The callouses below my fingertips were barking after doing cleans in the morning and this 4 hours later.  Afterward went out for some Prime Rib and scotch.  That was the only meal I ate yesterday and it was around 3 PM.  No carbs, just a salad.

Today is a cheat day, going to see the Providence Bruins while my wife shops and then we are all going to Federal Hill for dinner.  I’m not going hog wild, going to keep it clean other than dinner, but I’ll eat some fruit, have a protein shake, maybe have a sandwich.  Just won’t eat any garbage.  I’m doing ladders of presses and squats today.  I’m actually starting to like the alternating cold/hot shower and adapting? to the straight cold which I’m taking today.  Friday it was 3 degrees outside when I had the cold shower.

As a soon to be 45 year old middle aged man, I have developed rules and opinions to live by that are my own.  Whether it be fashion, fitness, investing, conducting business, and living there are certain “core values”  (there is your token overused phrase) for the day.   You may not agree and might think I’m a closed minded Cro Magnon, but you all have them.  Write them down sometime.  Here is my indulgence for the cyberworld to see.

Fashion Rules

1.  Match your socks to your pants or shoes.

2.  Pay extra for a pair of shoes and keep them shined.  When you stick your foot in, you’ll know where the extra money went.

3. Black belt and shoes with navy blue.  You can make the argument for brown, I’ll disagree.

4.  Use the 1/2 Windsor knot for a tie and the long part of the tie should end at the mid point of your belt buckle.

5.  The only jewelry a man needs are a watch, a wedding ring and cuff links.  Necklaces, bracelets and earrings out.  I don’t care if your necklace is 24k gold, has a cross or is sharktooth.  Lose it.

6.  When wearing an open collared shirt, wear a v-neck t-shirt underneath to hide the white.

7.  No colored t-shirts under a collared shirt.  It shows you lack sophistication and fashion sense.

8.  If you’re going to wear a suit, put on a tie.  Don’t look like some venture capital wannabe trying to prove you’re hip.

9.  Don’t wear a button down collar with a double breasted suit.

10, Leather coats rock.


11.  Floss your teeth every day.  I can’t even begin to tell you how important this is.  From halitosis, to heart protection, to protecting your gums.  Take the 60 seconds and do it.

12.  Use exfoliation soap before you shave every other day.  Your face will feel like a baby’s.

13.  Clean up the lettuce on the back of your neck once a week.  Have your wife / girlfriend do it.

14.  If you’re going to grow a beard, grow a beard.  None of the 3 day old George Michael stubble.  The 2013 Red Sox had beards and were world champions.  If you’re going to grow it, be a champion.

15.  Shave in the shower.

16.  In the winter use moisturizer after showers on your legs, arms and face to stay youthful.

17.  Be wary of a bald barber.  He doesn’t have respect for your hair.


18.  Lose the running shoes when you lift.  Bare feet or flat soled sneakers.  Think of squatting on a mattress with your arches a mess.  That’s what you’re doing when you work out in running shoes.

19.  Do pullups.  In between sets of everything except rows.  Sets of 2,3, or 5.

20.  The best ab exercises are squats and pullups.

21.  The only exercises you need for barbell training are Bench Press, Military Press, Pullups, Rows, Squats, and Deadlifts.  Compound movements.

22.  Set a goal and stick with a program for 4 weeks.  Workout for the goal, not the stimulus.

23. Take a week off every 3-4 months.   Do nothing and let your body completely recover

24.  Sprints and jumping rope are in.  Jogging and Elliptical are out.

25.  Don’t offer unsolicited advice in the gym, unless someone is about to kill themselves.

26.  If your gym doesn’t allow chalk, they don’t care about your safety.  Find another gym or sneak it in.

27.  Workout outside when it’s nice out.

28.  Log your workouts to track your progress.


29.  Don’t buy coffee.  Make it at home.  $2 x 7 x 52 =$728.  A year’s worth of home coffee is about $100.  Think what you can do with that $628.

30.  Invest money in a mutual fund or a stock every month.  I’m not talking about a 401k.  Stick to it.  If you pay off your car, add that money to it.   Doesn’t matter if its $100, $500, or $2000.

31.  Monitor the stock market and pick an industry or stock you are interested in.  A good rule is a price/earning ratio over 40 is an overpriced stock.

32.  Pay off your credit card every month.  That 19% interest vs. the 2% savings account in the bank is a 17% loss for you.

33.  If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

34.  If you must buy it, don’t pay retail.  Buy on line if possible.  I bought my son a $225 baseball glove for $96 on E Bay.

35.  Negotiate your cable and phone bills.  If you can’t get what you want, call a competitor.  Verizon Fios to Comcast to Direct TV.

36.  Never take the car to the dealership for repairs unless absolutely necessary.  Believe me those show rooms weren’t paid for by selling cars.  Find a trusted mechanic.

37.  The library is a great free resource for DVD’s, books CD’s.  Don’t buy them on iTunes and Netflix.

38.  Don’t live paycheck to paycheck.  If you are, cut costs, if that doesn’t work, find another job.

39.  Always tip at least 20% for good service.  Your generosity will make up for the lousy day your server is having.  Plus it’s easier to calculate in your head.  However, if the service stinks, well, you don’t employ them…

Life in general

40.  Nothing good happens being out after midnight.  Don’t make it a habit.

41.  Stop at a yellow light if at all possible.  Is 60 seconds worth a life?

42.  When someone makes eye contact with you, smile and say hello.

43.  Be an alpha male.  If something bothers you, express your dissatisfaction.  Don’t let it build up into resentment.  Beta males are passive aggressive and let it build up.  Silent treatments, gaslighting and being a little bitch are all examples of beta males.  Stand up for yourself and take charge.

44.  Men own dogs not cats.  Dogs start at 50 lbs.  I love animals, even cats, but I would never own one.  All a dog asks is you feed them, play with them and take them out.  In return, you will have unconditional love and loyalty.  Dogs don’t need caffeine, alcohol, drugs or anything else.  We should all channel our inner dog.  Society would be a lot better.

45.  Be grateful and express it.  When life is bad someone else’s life is significantly worse.

46.  If you love somebody, tell them every time you see them.  Let them know how important they are.

47.  Let it go.  If you’re not getting a return in a relationship let it go.  Toxicity is unhealthy. Surround yourself with positive people.

48.  It’s better to be alone than in the wrong relationship.

49.  Have empathy for others.  It’s not all about you.

50.  Hold the doors for people, offer to  help.  It will come back around.

51.  Return calls, emails, texts from friends and family.   If someone has taken the time to contact you, call them back.  No one is that busy.

52.  Volunteer.  I coach and when I’m doing it, I forget everything else.

53.  It’s okay to say no.

54.  Be a parent to your children not a friend.  Sometimes, you have to drop the hammer.  Stick to it.

55.  If you push your kids to do better, push yourself.  Monkey see monkey do.

56.  Tell your kids, whatever they do, don’t do drugs, drink or gamble.

57.  Learn how to cook.

58.  It’s not barbecue unless you are using charcoal.  If you can, have two grills, a charcoal grill and a gas grill when you don’t have the time

59.  The best steak is a porterhouse, medium rare.

60.  Say no to light beer.  Life is too short to drink urine described as low calorie low carb beer.

61.  Scotch is mother’s milk.  the best scotch is the 2nd one.

62.  You should listen twice as much as you speak.   That’s why God gave you 2 ears and one tongue

63.  Think before you act.  Running on emotions is wasteful.

64.  Limit your expectations.  As George Carlin said, “understand how stupid the average person is and realize 1/2 the people are dumber than that.”

65.  If someone insults you, or takes advantage of you, don’t lower yourself to their level by being vengeful.  Their time will come.

66.  If you’re going to fail, go down swinging.  Don’t let someone else cause you to fail.

67.  Take up a musical instrument, paint, create.  Art is so important.  You may not be able to deadlift twice your body weight any more, but you can always play the piano.

68.  Read books, shut the TV off.  Have one day a week where you unplug from the computer and television.

69.  Find a passion.  But don’t be obsessive.

70.  In the bedroom take care of her needs first.  Pride yourself on that ability.

71.  Foreplay starts in the morning.

72.  Limit your porn use, it’s not reality.  Realize that is someone’s daughter who is being preyed upon.

73.  Be gentle and romantic.

74.  Understand when you are self destructing, i.e. drinking too much, gambling, etc.  you’re either trying to hide from your problems or trying to reclaim a high you once had.

75.  Happiness is not the highs of life, but a nice steady stream of contentment.  These are the good old days as Carly Simon sings.

76.  Live for today and tomorrow.  Carpe diem!

77.  Limit your information on Facebook or other social networks.  99% of your friends don’t need to know everything.  Discretion.

78.  Happiness comes from within.  Someone or something shouldn’t be the source.  If so, you’re priorities are out of whack.

79.  If you insist on getting a tattoo, put it where you can hide it.

80.  Leave the phone in the car when you are out to eat or at someone’s house for dinner.  No one is so important that you need to check your phone every time it buzzes.  Playing with your phone during a dinner is one of the highest forms of rudeness there is.

81.  Try everything once as long as it’s not immoral or against the law.  If it piques your interest give it a go.   I’ve realized I stink at skiing and am frightened of the damage I could do to myself

82.  Mind your business.  Don’t get involved in stuff that doesn’t matter to you.

83.  Try not to judge people.  No one is perfect, we’re all flawed.  They probably think you’re train wreck too.  I had this couple that were friends of ours.  They would rip into this other couple we are friends with who are,  we’ll call it “experimental” behind closed doors.  Our ex-friend who wore the armor of morality was a raging alcoholic who would get blitzed every weekend in front of his kids, and is unforgiving.  Who is worse?

I’m sure I left a few things out, but I have to get my workout in before I coach basketball.   Happy Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Kettlebell Burn Extreme, 2 Weeks Down 2 To Go + My Man Rules

  1. Cordell says:

    Love it! Men like you are part of a disappearing breed.

  2. Mack Daddy says:

    You should be put on medication.

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