Kettlebell Burn Extreme 28 Days and Done

Yesterday was my last day of Kettlebell Burn Extreme.  It was a smashing success.  I lost somewhere between 12-15 lbs. and not much strength.  I might have lost a rep on the press, but because of the lighter weight, the pull-up numbers are higher.  My weight has been all over the place.  As low as 180.4 which is a 15.4 lb. loss to 183.8.  My best guess is somewhere in the 182-183 range.  I took before and after photos, and trust me it’s pretty significant.  My waist and love handles are gone.  I can’t believe how well this program works.  I always knew fitness was 80% diet, but when you really integrate it, it’s more like 85-90%.  The workouts were challenging, but not that hard.  The cold showers were, at best tolerable, at worst to paraphrase Macklemore and Ryan “freaking awful.”  You just had to survive them.  It was all diet.

I learned a lot about how my body works and what works for me mentally and physically.  Here are some personal lessons.

1. The 36 hour fast is more effective than the 24 hour fast.  I’m not talking about the extra 12 hours.  It’s how I would approach food.  When I do the 24 from dinner to dinner, as soon as the 24 hours is up, it was a gastric free for all.  Not bad food per se, but too much.  In the morning after 36, I’m not hungry.  Just black coffee please.

2.  The low/no carb day was harder for me mentally than the fast.  You’re mind is made up to not eat for the day.  At night during low carb was tough.  I was more hungry having not eaten for 7 hours as my last meal was at 2 PM than not eating at all.

3.  Cold showers and alternating hot/cold are great for recovery.  Sore joints have gone away.  As a matter of fact, I started the shower hot today and found myself alternating.  Wanting to alternate as a matter of fact.  I might do the straight up cold once a week for mental toughness and the multiple health benefits.

4.  I didn’t really miss the fruit or dairy as much as I thought.  I like green vegetables in an omelet.  I didn’t use a lot of condiments.  Just straight up.

5.  I loved the cheat days, but didn’t go crazy on doughnuts or chips like a I thought I would.  3 plates of Chinese Food and 3 beers were enough.

6,  I learned how to portion control by eating much slower.

I plan to incorporate the cold water therapy, cheat days and 36 hour fasting into my weekly routine.  I haven’t figured out what to do for kettlebell workouts yet.  Almost there, but not etched in stone.  Probably some complexes and chains, while working on mastering the double snatch.

Today, I took a day off from the gym, fasted until Noon and had two small roast beef sandwiches and an orange.  Tonight, honey mustard pork chops, sweet potato and broccoli.  The issue with following such a strict program is you ask yourself, what now?

Well worth the $47, 5 stars, highly recommend it.  Even if you’re not into kettlebells, you could do the workouts with barbells and dumbbells.

One thought on “Kettlebell Burn Extreme 28 Days and Done

  1. Nice job with the write up. I’m starting Extreme having researched a few other programs and your post was really helpful. I just finished Dan John’s 10000 KB Swing program and lowered my body fat from 14% to just under 12% so I wanted a follow up regimen; at 57, body fat reduction is not easy, especially when you’re trying to get to 8-9%! Anyway I’ve read many of your other posts and always learn a lot. Thanks.

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